I splurged the other day and bought a Toyota 4Runner. And, yes, I had to perform some challenging mental gymnastics to go through with the purchase (#familyadventurevehicle #robustbikehauler #goanywheredoanything #tiredoftheminivan #midlifecrisis), but once I did the deed, I’m really enjoying the ride.

There are a million forums and blogs out there devoted to the 4Runner where aficionados can discuss shocks, tires, “overlanding,” premium air filters, and the like, but I’ve yet to find a source for bike-themed startup screens for the Entune Navigation system. So, for the five or six of you out there who want to see the Surly logo pop up on your 4Runner’s nav screen whenever you start it up, well, you’re welcome. Here are the steps, and a few screens to get you going.

1. Format a USB stick to the MS-DOS (FAT) or (FAT32) file system.

2. Create two folders on the newly formatted USB stick. Title one "DisplayOffImage" and the other "StartupImage" (omit the quotes).

3. Create .jpg images (with 1000x500 dimensions for the best fit) and copy them into the folders. Each folder should contain a maximum of three images.

4. Insert the USB stick into the USB slot in your 4Runner's console and turn on the vehicle.

5. On the "Home" screen, touch the setup icon in the upper right-hand corner.

6. Then touch the "General" icon.

7. Scroll down to "Customize Startup Image" and "Customize Screen Off Image" and select the one you want to upload your images to. Each will accomodate three custom images and the default Toyota image.

8. Touch "Transfer" and follow the instructions to copy your custom images from your USB drive to the vehicle.

9. Once transfered, select the custom image you want to use are you're done!

The selected Startup image will appear briefly after the default Toyota image when starting the vehicle. The Screen Off image will appear after pressing the "Screen Off" button on the bottom of the "Home" screen.