Big Loop hits on some of the most scenic roads in the Lake Sylvia/Lake Winona area. Unique to Big Loop in this route collection is a southern patchwork of trails and roads that, taken counter-clockwise, follow a long ridge descending to the south shore of Lake Winona. There are a number of excellent established campsites on this ridge allowing the a bikepacker to wake up to beautiful views of the southern Ouachitas.

Despite the 6200 foot elevation gain, Big Loop takes a more gradual path through the area, skipping the Brown Creek Road climb and instead taking you up Blue Jay Hollow road. The Reform Road rock garden is also bypassed. The only real “heartbreaker” climb begins at mile 19 and ascends 1250 feet over the next 6 miles – but it tops out at the Perfect Campsite which is an excellent place to checkout the views over a well-deserved break.

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This route is a 53 mile loop that climbs and descends 6200 feet.

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