Welcome to Buddha.Bike.

I’m Jason Alexander – a husband, father, and priest who loves to ride my bike, usually with a bunch of camping gear strapped to it. You might call me a bikepacker. I serve as the canon to the ordinary in the Episcopal Church in Arkansas, a unique role in the church, focusing primarily on clergy placement and congregational development. I also assist the bishop in the general oversight of the diocese. I’m on the road a lot, hopping from church to church, preaching, teaching, and troubleshooting. Whenever I can, I swap out my car for my bike and hit the trails.

Spending time outdoors has been a key part of my spirtual life for as long as I can remember. I grew up camping with friends in the mountains and on the beaches in Juneau, Alaska, and when college, and later the church, took me to Arkansas I discovered the amazing Ouachita National Forest just few miles from my front door. Riding and bikepacking in the woods brings me joy, especially when I get to share the experience with others.

I was inspired to name this website buddha.bike by a quote from Zen monk and teacher, Shunryū Suzuki (which you can find to the right). He says that we discover our “Buddha nature,” or our true, grounded selves when we are present to whatever it is that we are doing. When we make the effort to “be” where we are, whether that’s spending time with family or friends, working at the office, washing dishes, or riding through the woods, we take steps towards a more peaceful, contented existence. Suzuki’s Zen wisdom is an antidote to the discontent we can feel in this distracted age. I find that my Zen practice, if you will, is at its best while riding in the woods. When I ride, I try to “just ride.”

In the pages of this website you’ll find everything from musings on fatbike tubeless set-ups to downloadable .gpx tracks for my favorite bike routes and adventures. Let me know if you want go for a ride sometime!